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Alex Brown is an innovative developer with 20+ year’s hands on research and development experience.

His specialism is taking any complex problem and, as a full stack developer, determining the appropriate architecture of a system and programme to resolve it.

Primarily developing in C#.net and SQL, Alex also has significant application experience in [PHP, HTML, Javascript, Coldfusion, and Asterisk] and in addition to those has developed applications using [Enter all other languages]

Working for a creative, forward thinking SME, Alex has enjoyed a wide variety of different projects ranging from desktop applications to websites to telecoms platforms. He has also had the opportunity to get in depth knowledge of the network infrastructure from perimeter through to application layer as well as incorporating IP and telecoms interconnects, both PSTN and SIP.

Alex played a fundamental role in achieving the initial Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation and this enabled him to broaden his awareness and knowledge on Cyber Security standards and the threats, particularly to the development environment, having extended these through security learning paths.